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NCS: Lean Mass 500 Vanilla 6lbs

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Weight Gainer

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Gain Lean Muscle Mass, Not Just Weight.

Lean Mass 500 contains the perfect scientific ratio of protein (36g) to carbohydrates (80g).  Most gainers are loaded with sugar, but LEAN MASS 500 includes only 6 grams of sugar per serving (vanilla is 7 grams per serving).  Each serving also includes MCT oil, which is used as a direct energy source.  Ultra-filtered protein, only 6g of sugar per serving, cold processed whey protein and 500 calories per serving.  Low sugar for lean muscle. Balanced protein and carb ratio, ultra cold processed whey protein.

In a shaker, mix half (two scoops) a serving of Lean Mass 500 each time to 8oz of water or milk.  In a blender, mix one serving (four scoops) of Lean Mass 500 in 12-16oz of water or milk with ice cubes.


  • Build mass
  • High calorie substitute

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