What Kinds of Foods Could Help You Clear Wastes around Heart

By Scot

Heart, as one of the most important organs, receives more attention from people. As the blood flows through heart and leaves wastes around it, people should eat more red foods to improve the blood circulation and protect heart. Then what foods are suggested for people to eat?


Red dates: According to the modern nutrition research, the cyclic adenosine containing in red dates could expand the blood vessels and increase the cardiac contractility to increase the oxygen content in blood, so that the oxygen provided to heart also increases and the metabolism is also accelerated. Meanwhile, it could improve the myocardium nutrition and it is beneficial to the maintenance of heart. During menstrual period, girls could put six to eight red dates in barley tea to alleviate the cold hands and feet. However, it cannot be eaten with onions, vitamins, cucumber, carrots and antipyretics.


Cherry: It is recognized as the powerful fruit to remove body toxins and dirty fluids. Cherry contains abundant amount of iron, which can promote the regeneration of hemoglobin and improve human immunity. It is also rich in sugar, protein, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, vitamin C, B. The frequent consumption could make skin prevent the anemia and physique decline during menstruation. However, people with asthenic fever could not eat it.


Grapefruit: The flesh is pink, soft, juicy and refreshing. It is a little bitter, but it satisfies the needs of heart. Grapefruit contains potassium instead of sodium, so it can be the best fruit to protect heart. The natural vitamin P could enhance the detoxifying function of skins and pores. People could drink grapefruit juice in the morning to accelerate the metabolism of body.


Saffron: The well-known effect of saffron is to invigorate the blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Another magical function is to dispel the accumulated toxins in blood vessel out of body. It also has soothing effect to solve the insomnia caused by accumulated toxins in heart. Adding saffron in tea could enhance it function to clear wastes around heart.


Carrot: It can combine with the mercury ions in blood to reduce the concentration effectively and prevent it enter into heart. The abundant vitamin A could prevent cancer and clear free radicals. Cooking with meat could stimulate the absorption of vitamin A.
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